Airman Flight School



Aspiring to rent aircraft from Airman Flight Training? Here’s a simple guide on the steps needed to secure rental privileges:

  1. Study Aircraft Systems: Before you can rent an aircraft, it’s essential to thoroughly understand its systems. This includes studying the Pilot’s Operating Handbook (POH) and any pilot guides for the installed avionics. You must demonstrate proficiency in using all the aircraft’s systems.

  2. Familiarization Training: If you’re not already familiar with these systems, schedule time with one of our instructors. They will help you gain the necessary proficiency before your checkout, ensuring a safe and confident flying experience.

  3. Complete Required Documentation:

    • Airplane Questionnaire: Fill out the questionnaire for the specific aircraft you wish to rent.
    • Rental Agreement: Review and complete the Airman Rental Agreement.
  4. Airman Pilot Checkout Process:

    • Prepare for and undergo the Airman Pilot Checkout with one of our instructors. This process assesses your flying skills and system knowledge.
    • The checkout also serves as a flight review and is a requirement for maintaining your rental privileges.
    • Note: This checkout needs to be completed annually to keep your rental privileges active.

Join Us for a Seamless Rental Experience At Airman Flight Training, we ensure that our rental process is thorough yet straightforward, prioritizing safety and proficiency. Contact us to begin your journey towards enjoying the freedom of flying our well-maintained aircraft.