Airman Flight School

About Us


Learn 2 Fly with Airman Flight Training, based in Long Beach Airport, California.

Airman Flight Training has founded by Andy Patel and Maricar Patel who have been in aviation industry since 2007 continuously working to provide the best.

We conduct business according to four simple principles:

Honesty: We tell the truth

Integrity: We do the right thing even when no one is looking

Performance: We deliver what we promise.

Efficiency: Make your money worth.

Flight Instructors

Our team of  highly experienced flight instructors is composed of knowledgeable teachers who share your desire to succeed. They have been carefully selected and screened to provide a comprehensive learning experience and the success of our graduates is proof of their capabilities.

We always insist on efficiency to make student money worth the training. Our average Student solo’s between 15 to 20 hours. Private around 50 to 55 hours. We believe we have best and speedy maintenance usually zero downtimes as we have back up planes. 

Why Us?

Airman Flight Training has all its planes parked right next to the Runway making it possible from start engine to take off in little as 10 mins, which give more time on air to the student than ground. Which makes student completed each lesson faster.

Our business approach results in long term relationships with customers founded on trust and loyalty. As a result, there is a very strong affinity for Airman Flight Training Globally on the part of customers in the Southern California area.

Consistent with these principles, safety and regulatory compliance are our top priorities.

Whether you see yourself as a hobby flying or career flying or simply want to fulfill the dream of learning to fly, Airman Flight Training has flying program crafted to your goals. We train our students in a way that emphasizes development of excellent pilot judgment

and a complete safety orientation. Though it is a challenging process, learning to be a pilot should be an exciting and fun process. We offer the personal attention and on-on-one instruction that gives you a solid education and the confidence to enjoy the thrill of flying.