Airman Flight School


AFSP Regulatory Guidelines

TSA clearance is only required for Non-U.S. Citizen.

  • verview: Introduction to the TSA program for Non-U.S. Citizen flight training candidates.
  • Purpose: Ensuring candidates don’t pose a threat to aviation or national security.
  • Legal Requirements: Compliance with 49 U.S.C.44939 and 49 CFR Part 1552 for U.S. flight schools.
  • Category 3 Description: Training for aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight under 12,500 pounds.
  • Specific Trainings:
    • Initial Pilot Certification: Private, recreational, or sport pilot.
    • Instrument Rating: Skills for flying in bad weather and understanding flight instruments.
    • Multi-engine Training: Handling complex, faster aircraft.
  • Exclusion: No TSA clearance needed for ultralight, gliders, sailplanes, or lighter-than-air aircraft.

Application Process and Steps:

    • Application Submission: Complete and submit TSA application online.
    • Flight School Validation: Training provider must confirm the candidate’s training request.
    • Payment and Fingerprints: After payment, candidates must submit fingerprints to TSA.
    • Training Commencement: Training can start once payment and fingerprints are acknowledged by TSA.

For more information on the application process and FAQs, candidates are encouraged to visit the TSA’s Alien Flight Student Program portal or view the detailed Alien Flight Student Program Interim Final Rule.

How to get Your finger print Appointment

Log in to you with your user name and password and go to your view email tab and look for the 2 email and print them.


Follow as in the picture select for Regions CHRC check for FTSP – Domestic($99) and region select “CALIFORNIA”
Choose which Fingerprint Collection Agency you want to use by clicking on the agency name.

Select only either of these 2 options and before you select them make to call them and see who will give you the first availability  and make your own travel arrangement to reach to them.

  1. All your details for your training id and user id and school name should be exact as per the print out from FTSP email as per step 1.
  2. Mare sure after you pay for the service before you exit the page “DO NOT FORGET TO PRINT THE FINAL FORM AND EMAIL YOURSELF THE FORM”
  1. Passport
  2. Second Id
  3. NATA completed form
  4. TSA email prints out where it says the fingerprint instruction. It should contain your name and training ID