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Master Aviation Calculations with Confidence

ASA’s E6-B Flight Computer Manual is an indispensable tool for pilots seeking to enhance their navigation and flight planning skills. This comprehensive guide, filled with detailed instructions and illustrative images, is designed to help pilots of all levels master essential aviation math calculations.

Key Features of the Manual:

  • Step-by-Step Instructions: The manual provides clear, easy-to-follow instructions, ensuring you can efficiently perform a wide range of calculations.
  • Visual Learning: Each calculation is accompanied by detailed images, making it easier to understand and apply the concepts.
  • Versatile Calculation Solutions: Learn to solve dozens of critical aviation math problems, from basic to advanced levels.
  • Interactive Learning: Test your knowledge and verify your calculations by using the interactive features, like hovering over questions for answers.


Essential for Pilot Proficiency:

Being adept with the E6-B flight computer is crucial for pilots. This manual ensures you are proficient with key calculations, such as fuel burn, wind correction, ground speed, and more, essential for safe and efficient flying.

Your Guide to Navigational Excellence:

Whether you’re a student pilot or a seasoned aviator, ASA’s manual is your guide to mastering the E6-B flight computer. Enhance your navigational precision and confidence in the cockpit with this essential resource.

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