Airman Flight School

Simulator Club

1 Year Sim Club Membership

Master the skies for a year at just

$400 /Month

6 Months Sim Club Membership

Half a year, full throttle

$500 /Month

3 Months Sim Club Membership

Quarterly captain, Sharpen your skills 

$600 /Month

Monthly Sim Club Membership

Fly limitless for a month at

$800 /Month

Revolutionize your learning curve by confronting simulated adverse weather conditions and emergency scenarios in a completely safe environment.

 This hands-on practice builds not only confidence but also reinforces muscle memory, preparing you for real-life situations.

 Collaborate with your instructor to pre-fly your missions in the simulator, a strategy that's proven to enhance in-flight performance dramatically. With our membership, the constraints of hourly simulator costs are eliminated. Train to your heart's content, whenever and for as long as you need, with Airman Flight Training's Simulator Club, and watch as your piloting skills soar to new heights.

Elevate your piloting skills day or night with Airman Flight Training's Simulator Club‚ÄĒelite training at a fraction of the cost in our 24/7 Redbird Full Motion, FAA-certified simulator.