Airman Flight School

Whether it's fly for a career or fly for fun

your initial step is to get a private pilot license. Which gives you the ability to fly around with family and friends for pleasure and fun.  Once you get this license you can rent planes from us, elsewhere, or even own a plane and fly around. FAA requires 40 hours of flight time. The national average is 60 to 65 hours for an average student to become a private pilot license holder. Our school average is 50 to 55 hours.


The total budget for the Private pilot you are looking at is 12 to 14 thousand dollars if you are using Cessna 172. However, if you chose  Cessna 152 it will be around 10 Р 11 thousand Dollars. 

I would recommend our discounted First flight Lesson which is only $225. with instructor and plane for an hour. You will be able to judge how is the plane the instructor and whether you can take it forwards. You will be given control of the aircraft and taught a few maneuvers during the first flight lesson.  This flight will be logged to your logbook and be counted on your total time towards the Private pilot.

Regarding schedule, our instructor can work with you as per your schedule as we are open 7 days a week sunrise to sunset. As long as the weather permits them to fly.

Cessna 172 SP G1000

4 Seater, 180 Hp, Advanced Models Newer Models (glass cockpit) $190/Hr

Cessna 152: 2 Seater

Seater (Only for students with 190 lbs and less) $120/Hr

Cessna 172 SP Steam Gauge:

4 Seater, 180 Hp, Newer Models $172/Hr

Set Clear Goals
Define your pilot career goals.
Choose the Right Flight School
Select a reputable flight school.
Start with Ground School
Learn aviation theory in ground school.
Practical Flight Training
Get hands-on experience in the cockpit.
Pass the FAA Written Exam
Prepare and succeed in the written exam.
Flight Hours and Experience
Accumulate required flight hours.
Practical Test (Checkride)
Pass the practical test to earn your license.

Eligibility and Requirements

International Students Non-U.S. citizens must apply for TSA clearance under the Department of Homeland Security.

Duration of Training Our flexible schedule accommodates various learning paces. Training duration varies with the frequency of lessons.

Choosing a Flight School / Instructor Selecting the right flight school and instructor is crucial. Consider the instructor’s teaching style, experience, and availability. Assess the flight school’s aircraft maintenance standards and fleet quality. We recommend a Discovery Flight to evaluate our offerings.

Medical and Student Pilot Certificates

  • Obtain a medical certificate for solo flight privileges.
  • We assist with the Student Pilot Certificate application during initial lessons.

Our Pricing

Private Program Pricing

Elevate Your Dreams: Begin Your Journey as a Private Pilot Today!

Private Pilot Program

Private Pilot Package (Cessna 152 2 Seater)

Private Pilot Package (Cessna 172 4 Seater)

Additional Required Costs