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The Essential Tool for VFR Navigation

For pilots navigating under Visual Flight Rules (VFR), the sectional plotter is an indispensable tool. It's designed to make measuring distances on aeronautical charts both intuitive and accurate, crucial for successful flight planning.

Features of the Sectional Plotter:

The typical sectional plotter allows for measurements in both nautical miles and statute miles, suitable for use on sectional charts and world aeronautical charts (WAC).

In VFR navigation, the emphasis is often on the nautical mile scale on sectional charts. This scale is key to precise distance measurement in flight planning.

When using your sectional plotter, it’s essential to ensure you’re correctly reading the nautical mile scale. Accurate interpretation of this scale is vital for calculating distances correctly.

  • Incorporating the sectional plotter into your flight planning routine enhances your navigation proficiency and contributes to safer, more efficient flights.

Enhancing Your Pilot Toolkit:

Every pilot’s toolkit should include a reliable sectional plotter, especially for those focusing on VFR navigation. Understanding and utilizing this tool effectively is a fundamental skill in pilot training and ongoing flight operations.

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