Airman Flight School

Commercial Pilot License

What is a Commercial Pilot?

A Commercial Pilot is an aviator licensed to earn as a pilot. This milestone marks your entry into the professional aviation world. With this license, a plethora of opportunities await, from becoming a Flight Instructor to engaging in Banner Towing or Aerial Survey work. This stage is crucial for accumulating real-world flying experience, building towards the 1500 flight hours needed for airline employment in the U.S.

Eligibility for a Commercial Pilot License


To qualify, you need:

  • 250 hours of total flight time, with at least 100 hours in powered aircraft, including 50 hours in airplanes.
  • 100 hours as pilot-in-command, including 50 hours in airplanes.
  • 50 hours of cross-country flying, with 10 hours in an airplane.
  • 20 hours of training, encompassing 10 hours of instrument training, 10 hours in complex or Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA), and additional hours for cross-country and practical test preparation.
  • 10 hours of solo training, including cross-country and night flying components.
Commercial Pilot Course Syllabus
(TAA or Complex Option)
Commercial Pilot Course Syllabus
(Includes Flight Simulation)